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TechCreepers -  

   The Foundation of this idea is based upon the hardships once led by me to be 'A Coder'.
 Money added the worst scenario and I had to earn enough to learn just the Basics which is provided by most of the Training Institutes .
   Low on money and you really can't learn how to code was the question which made me wander my thoughts and go through my weakness(money). I understood that learning is all about buying books and going through personal time investments yet those books were costly enough, ranging from 700 till 3k or even above.(I'm talking about good books).

     So, finally going through my saved pennies and my father's regressive hard work I was able to get hold on my first book of Reema Thareja for C and it really proved me effective but still there was something which was void .

  I talked to all my friends and made a group which wanted individuals to help. It wasn't  Programming or teaching to Beginners at first but doing my favorite stuff " fixing PC's and troubleshooting It".
    It really worked and some can still find posters of it over the streets of" New Delhi, Saket region"(I hope so!).
     We went through many links who asked us for assembling PC's and troubleshooting any Software problems asking them a little of our hard work and that was just travelling charges and food. 
For example :- where they charged 800 for formatting ( 250-400 - was our quote). Similarly, we earned enough and gave them a trial period of month where any software issues will be fixed free of cost.
But, I was a dropout and for real facing problems if you don't have degree and together with that a place where someone will understand your knowledge and won't go through degree.
After 3 years of rigorous hardships I finally started my graduation program with BCA(less on money Program) which proved me a better hope though the college I'm pursuing has proved to be worthless as it's cheap and faculties are all wasted. 
Now, I've decided to put up with some of my friends who're good with programming knowledge and knows how to feed a beginner with exact ways to make them understand and relate to a coding language.
That's why fantasmacodigo was set up with a trial idea to help millions, who are passionate to learn and can't really help themselves out of money scarcity or materials available online are too tough e.t.c. 

Join Us.
     And be the part of Change. Be a part of Digital World at its base.

Support Us with lots of suggestions and point out any fix you  feel inappropriate so that we can resolve it and make it better for our users.

X Prince.